1. Demand Inquiry and Job Order.
  2. Process of complete demand Sets document by Employer.
    1. Demand Paper
    2. Power of Attorney
    3. Guarantee Paper
    4. Interparty Agreement
    5. Employment Contract

These all document are required to be in the concerned company letter head duly signed by the authorized                    person affixed with company seal and attested by necessity institution like

  • Chamber of commerce
  • Ministry Of foreign Affair (In case of Saudi and Kuwait )
  • Nepal embassy. (In case of Female, Cleaner, Farmer, Gardener, Security ,Govt. hiring and for country like Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman)
  • Notary Public ( In case of Malaysia)
  1. pre approval: Once all attested original attested document received in Nepal will submitted for pre approval department of labor and foreign employment which Max take 3 working days.
  2. Advertising: After pre approval from department of labor and foreign employment demand will be published in national daily newspaper.
  3. Selection: Interview and screening candidate.
  • Indirect Interview: Selection from agency.
  • Direct Interview: From client directly or via Skype.
  1. Medical and PCC: Selectee will undergo through medical and police clearance.
  2. Visa processing: Medically fit selectee document will be process for visa.
  3. Labor and immigration: Visa issued selectee document will be process for immigration clearance from foreign employment department.
  4. Flight and Deployment: finally, after labor clearance candidates deployment begin.
  • Flight confirmation.
  • Deployment
  1. Feed Back: Reponses of Employer and employee both in term of Work environment and performance.

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